If you think that frozen dumplings are not as delicious as homemade or those served in quality restaurants, guess what? Wei-chuan frozen dumplings have been proven to be the tastiest dumplings in the market. We select quality meat, vegetable, and seasonings nestled in perfect textured wrappers. Among our wide selection of dumplings, you will find not only the authentic Chinese style, but also the innovated flavors embraced by the market.

Shan-Dong Series Dumpling

Pork & Napa Cabbage Pork & Corn Pork & Leek
Chicken & Mushroom Pork, Vegetable & Sea Food Pork, Vegetable & Black Fungus

Deluxe Series Dumpling

Pork & Chinese Spinach  Shrimp & Chinese Celery  Scallop & Shrimp 
Pork & Green Onion  Pork & Leaf Mastard  Pork & Cilantro 
Beef & Green Onion  Shrimp & Leek  Pork, Shrimp & Snow Pea

Classic Series Dumpling

Leek & Pork  Mushroom & Pork Vegetable & Chicken
Vegetable & Pork Celery & Pork Pork and Spinach

All Natural Dumpling

Cucumber and Pork Green Bean and Pork  


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