Quality Control

Our quality control system is a multi-facet and multifunctional entity that is crucial to our daily operation. It serves to bridge together the product design, government regulations and customer expectations to achieve consistent and satisfactory products, and work closely with all related departments to ensure the highest quality and safety standard.

Raw Material Control
Process Control
Finish Product Inspection
Meat, Seafood & Fresh Material Receiving Inspection
  • Quality, temperature, specification, vehicle
Meat, Seafood & Fresh Material Quality Analysis
  • pH, % fat, % moisture, Appearance


Pre-Requisite Program Monitoring
  • Allergen control, material handling
  • Facility/employee hygiene GMP*
Raw Material Preparation
  • Time and temperature control
  • Standard operation procedure verification
Process Line Monitoring
  • Product physical attribute analysis ( Size, Shape, Piece Weight, Net Weight, Appearance)
  • Chemical analysis (pH, % salt, % moisture, viscosity etc.)
  • Verification of metal detector, weight checker, raw material visual and manual screening
SSOP Monitoring
  • Pre-op inspection
  • Operational SOP*
  • Sanitation effectiveness verification
HACCP Program Monitoring
  • CCP & pre-shipment verification
Finish Product Verification
  • Product weight, quality, temperature, sealing,
    labeling, date coding
  • Over-all quality and frozen condition verification

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance and quality control system is dedicated to a philosophy of food safety, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Every effort is taken to develop the best food industrial quality programs to protect our product and customer satisfaction on every level. It is through this holistic approach that we are able to continue to supply quality and wholesome products that are the hallmark of company spirit.

Developing programs, policies, implementation strategies and verification procedures that meet USDA/FDA regulations and third party audit expectations.
Providing relevant training and skills development for our employees.
Making every effort to provide our customer with a best industry practice environment in which the products are produced.
Providing integrative team-work approach for continual improvement of quality and food safety program design, implementation and verification.

All Wei-Chuan U.S.A.’s raw material suppliers are selected by our R&D team and audited by QA personnel to ensure that they meet our quality specifications and government regulations. Before raw materials are unloaded into storage warehouses, they are carefully checked, temperatures are taken from the fresh and frozen materials to make sure that they have not been temperature abused. Making sure that allergen materials identified and stored separately, and pertinent Certification of Analysis (COA) is verified.

Prior to operation, our QC inspectors perform pre-op inspection to ensure sanitary conditions of the process equipment and machine. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the sanitation is verified by the cutting edge technology. At the production line, On-going monitoring of the products are being carried out and verified, samples are collected at several steps through the production process and are evaluated for physical, chemical, and biological hazards. Packaging and labels are continually checked to assure that the production of Wei-Chuan products exceeds customer expectation and safety requirements.

Before being shipped out, samples of the products are randomly taken and examined for quality and safety. Because Wei-Chuan U.S.A. feels strongly that quality is an essential part of its products, each employee is expected a responsibility for maintaining safety and quality of Wei-Chuan products.