The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up again! The ritual is celebrated mainly in Chinese communities, a chance for families and friends to spend quality time together and enjoy the night view with roundest full moon.?The most common dessert to eat in this holiday is moon cake, sweet pastry that is filled with lotus paste and salted egg yolk while others contain red bean or fresh nuts. This year, the Mid- Autumn Festival will fall on October 1st. Grab your moon cakes and prepare to celebrate this holiday with beloved friends and family!

Let us enjoy this ancient poem by Shuidiao Getou (水調歌頭) by the Song dynasty poet, Su Shi.?

Since when has the moon come about?
I drink to the question for the heavens.

I wonder what era is it,
in the palaces above?

The wind could take me back,
but the height and the atmosphere only
make me uncomfortable.

The dance that I started to my moonlit shadows,
was just as heavenly.

Over the red pavilion it went,
into the bedroom window it peeped.
I became sleepless.

I could not feel distraught
as I embraced the beauty of the parting moon.

People have their ups and downs,
like the moon has its phases:
Such imperfection we call life.

As long as we can breath and eyes can see,
we shall enjoy the scenery with each other, together or apart.