Our quality control system is a multi-facet and multifunctional entity that is crucial to our daily operation. It serves to bridge together the product design, government regulations and customer expectations to achieve consistent and satisfactory products, and work closely with all related departments to ensure the highest quality and safety standard.

Fresh Material Receiving Inspection
• Quality, temperature, specification, vehicle inspection

Meat & Seafood Receiving Inspection
• Quality, pH, % fat, temperature, specification

Raw Material Preparation
• Time and temperature control
• Standard operation procedure verification

SSOP Monitoring
• Pre-op inspection
• Operational SOP*.
• Sanitation effectiveness verification

Pre-Requisite Program Monitoring
• Allergen control, material handling
• Facility/employee hygiene GMP*

HACCP Program Monitoring
• CCP & pre-shipment verification

Process Line Monitoring
• Product physical attribute analysis
• Chemical analysis (pH, % salt, % moisture, viscosity etc.)
• Verification of metal detector, weight checker, raw material visual and manual screening

Finish Product Verification
• Product weight, quality, temperature, sealing, labeling, date coding
• Finished product integrity, Sensory Evaluation (flavor, aroma, texture)
• Over-all quality and frozen condition verification


Quality Control
Quality Assurance